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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  September 29, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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you are watching "fox & friends first". it is monday morning. happy to be with you. i am ainsley earhardt. >> hope you had a great weekend. thanks for starting your day and week with us. we start with a fox news alert a huge development in the case of the missing real estate agent who vanished in arkansas. police just issuing a warrant for this man aaron lewis a 33-year-old suspect is accused of kidnapping beverly carter. lewis has an extensive record and she is on supervised parole until 2017. carter disappeared thursday after showing a house to a potential buyer. when her husband didn't hear from her he went to the house and found her car in the driveway with her purse inside and the door to the house was wide open. hours later he received three texts from his wife's phone number one saying she was out drinking with friends. her husband says she is not a drinker. beverly carter's son will join
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us on "fox & friends" to update the search for his mother. >> distracted driving is being blamed on the horrifying crash that killed 4 members of a texas college softball team. the driver of that rig that rammed the bus now telling police he was distracted just before crossing over the median and slamming into the bus. investigators say there's no evidence he tried to brake to avoid hitting them. the driver had not been charged four students are dead. the crash is being investigated as a homicide. family friends in that xhaunicoy honoring the individuals yesterday. >> a mysterious case out of u h utah. a family of five including three children found dead in their duplex. police ruling out any violent attack on the family after they found no visible injuries. investigators suspect carbon monoxide but they found no
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traces. >> the faa sdrambling to restore the chicago flight center after an employee sabotaged the facility. thousands of flights have been canceled since friday morning the faa is bringing in extra technicians to replace the damaged communication's network. they expected to return to full service in two weeks. the 36-year-old contract worker brian howard is charged with starting the fire but is currently in the hospital. a fox news alert, happening today the oklahoma beheading suspect will officially be charged with first degree murder. alton noland is accused of attacking three women at his job killing one and seriously injuring another. kelly? >> alton knon nolen is recoveri after being shot.
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it happened after nolen was fired. they are treating the crime as an act of workplace violence. they are also examining nolen's ties with islam. it shows images of osama bin laden showing him standing in front of the islamic society of greater oklahoma city. the beheading and stabbing that nolen is accused of could be a copy kate of isis beheading. >> he was caught up in this so-called movement that when something triggered his anger he responded in a pattern that would be consistent with what the group was doing. oo will oo while the motive is still in question nele -- nolen should have been in prison he was found with marijuana and assaulted a police officer. after two years he was released
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on good conduct. no one apologized to the victim's family. >> our hearts bleed right now because what they are saying he has done. i want to apologize to both families, because this is not alton. >> there is yet another strange similar case in the area. jacob nareti recently fired from his job is being held in jail after threatening to cut off the head of his female co-worker. he reportedly said beheading christians is just what we do. thank yo >> thank you kelly. >> should companies be responsible for monitoring employee's social media sites for potential threats? log on to our facebook page at #keep talking after the show. underest maiting isis the president blaming miss
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calculating the threat in syria and in iraq. leland vittert live in washington as they are warning of revenge for u.s. aled air strikes. >> interestingly enough this warning comes not from isis itself but rather from an indicated office aligned with isis. the leader there calls the u.s. coalition to quote the alliance. they give no details on what exactly his or his group are going to do against u.s. home land or our allies. the strikes continue and president obama went on cbs 60 minutes to make the case against isis and explain how they were allowed to grow so quickly and so long. >> how did they end up where they are in control of so much territory? was that a complete surprise to you? >> i think our heads of the
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intelligence community has acknowledged they underestimated what had been taking place in syria. >> president obama also acknowledged that the iraqi army who fell apart when trying to fight isis still has a long way to come before it can capitalize on the sus success -- success of u.s. air strikes. while they are in harm's way it is more in an advisory capacity than taking the fight to the enemy. heather? >> thank you, leland. that brings us to our look at who is talking for you this morning. former cia operative mike baker is calling out the president for blaming the intelligence community. >> we haveg4ñ been reporting, n just the cia but military ingenls and other members of the intel community have been pumping information into the white house and the nfc for up to two years now on the growth of the islamic state, on the chaos that was created
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abandoning iraq, assessments on the concerns over the readiness of the iraqi army, their abilities and tactical leadership command and structure. all of this was going into the white house, so i don't know what they were doing with the report. either they choose to ignore them because they didn't meet the narrative they were putting out there about decimating al qaeda or they paid no attention. >> and now to nfl action, tony roam mow and the dallas cowboys taking on the new orleans saints. >> roam mow throwing f-- romo throwing for three passes. aaron rogers and the green bay packers taking on the chicago bears. rogers showing off with four touchdowns against the rival. 38-17. and to grab the team's 700th all time win. >> there is only one man who can make boston fenway park cheer
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for a yankee. we are talking about derek jeter. he wrote the final his storied career. >> number 2, derek jeter. >> the 1, 2. short third. rbi for jeter. >> jeter hitting a single and driving in a run in his last appearance on the baseball diamond. after his final game jeter saying he wouldn't change a thing. >> last game of the season. one out away from pitching a no hitter. that's when washington nationals eric zimmerman gets a little help from his team. >> left center. -- a catch. >> he laid out to make that catch and save the no hitter. zimmerman throwing national first ever no hitter.
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>> well, some of you may want to grab an umbrella before you head out the door this morning. maria molina is tracking the weather. >> we are tracking wet weather across parts of the southeast. it is really coming down out here across portions of the gulf coast especially across the panhandle and into portions of georgia. we are going to continue to see the showers and storms through the afternoon hours. further west we are expecting some storms. we have a big dip in the jet stream. with that system ahead of it you are going to notice storms firing up that could potentially produce more severe weather across colorado and kansas and nebraska. that's something to watch out for. over the weekend you had a beautiful couple of days across the northeast. very summer like. that will be continuing today. we temperatures up to 70 degrees
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in new york city. further west a little cooler in the 50's. take a look at the highs coming up later today. mid 70's in cleave lapped 80's new york city. further quest you are on the warm side across portions of the plains in dallas texas 85 degrees. you will notice much cooler air coming down. rapid city you are feeling the effects. high of 656 degrees. >> harley davidson rivering up a major recall. adam shapiro has more of what we need to know. >> are you into motorcycle as soon as oo? >> they issued a recall for more than 500 bikes. model year 2014 motor bikes might have faulty clutches. some could cause a bike that is
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stopped to lynch forward. they are recalling 1300 bikes for possible leaky fuel tanks. chevrolet corvette has a cool new feature. the valet feature, that mode on 2014 vets allows them to secretly record a person who is parking their car. but in several states it is illegal to record a person without permission. gm is advising them to avoid using the feature. if you use it you have to inform any one in the car they are being recorded and you have to get their consent. valet mode also records how the car is driven when you give the keys to someone else. maybe they should do this with teenagers. >> using an atm is costing more money than ever. using an out of network atm climbing to a new high. over draft fees also raised to record highs and average 32.74 when you take out more than you have got in the bank.
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phoenix has the highest while the lowest are in cincinnati. philadelphia you pay the highest over draft fees almost 39 bucks while people in san francisco pay the least under $27. finally investors worried about the democracy protest in hong kong. you see that reflected in u.s. futures right now. they have been trading down all morning. you can see they are still trading down. ainsley and heather? >> adam shapiro. thank you. it is 12 minutes after the top of the hour. a monster truck show turning deadly when a driver plows into a crowd of people. what organizers say might have gone wrong. and then the delivery that wouldn't wait. the 14-year-old who save the day. >> i had to be the one to keep calm but everyone else is going crazy. >> how that little girl right there managed to deliver her own niece in a car going 80 miles an hour. >> restaurants now offering discounts for diners who ditch
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their devices. >> can heather make it all of the way through the meal?
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>> terrifying video of a rally in the netherlands. (screams) >> you can hear the spectators screaming as the truck knocks down a guardrail and plows right into the crowd. three people including a child are now dead, 20 others were injured. the truck driver being questioned. investigators think the gas pedal got stuck or the brakes failed. a training session goes wrong. two sky divers in massachusetts are now dead. an instructor and student were
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diving tandem before crashing on to a garage in cape cod 200 yards from the intended landing zone. it is not clear if the function malfunctioned. >> the grim task of recovering bodies from the peak of the volcano that just erupted. 31 people are now dead. the incredible video capturing the moment the volcano started spewing huge plumes of gas into the sky trapping 250 climbers at one point. >> an american doctor exposed to deadly ebola virus maryland. they are not releasing the details but they say an exposure doesn't necessarily mean the person is infected. the doctor will be observed for 21 days if the symptoms develop treatment will begin. >> it is time now for your monday motivator.
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it's a life lesson she will never forget. 14-year-old kennedy swift setting aside all of her fears to help her older sister deliver a baby. >> she did it while her mother drove down a busy delaware highway heading to the hospital. chris o'connell has her heroic story. >> 14-year-old kennedy smith has had quite the weekend. just hours after being nominated to the homecoming court at the high school saturday night she was helping deliver her baby niece. >> i feel like i had to be the one to keep calm. everyone else is going crazy. >> her mother kelly was behind the wheel of her lexus speeding up i 95 in middletown, delaware. her pregnant sister kelsey in the passenger seat. they were minutes away from christian fla hospital but baby wasn't waiting. carter zoe came into the world sunday morning going 80 miles an
2:19 am
hour on i 95 somewhere near newark, delaware. >> i am proud of both of our daughters one delivered her baby healthy and strong and the other helped with the delivery. >> they pulled into the rest stop and called 911 and the calm and cool kennedy was instructed to use her shoe laces to tie off the umbilical cord. >> she took her shoe laces off and she delivered the baby. >> as for kennedy. this may be good practice. she is already on her way to becoming a doctor. >> i am training to be a physician. this gives me a little more experience i guess. i think i would actually consider going into the medical field and delivering babies. >> she has a future there. >> how awesome. >> good for you. the time now is 19 after the top of the hour. coming up, children becoming mysteriously paralyzed. what doctors are now saying may be the cause. >> jennifer lopez say her
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first", a close call to tell you about. >> lee recommend knee was driving j-lo's car with her three children in the back seat when a drunk driver hit them and took off. lopez instagramed this photo with the caption saying quote sitting at a light riding high
2:24 am
right before some drunk fool reended us in my new whip. thank goodness everyone was okay. the police found the driver in malibu and arrested him. new ways of naked celebrity photos jennifer lawrence targeted yet again. the images popping up on the web site. super model kara delavene also victims of the attack. the pictures that i can enfrom icloud. >> are you looking for love on-line? don't get too excited about the dating source. those who meet on-line are less likely to get married. they are less luikely to stick t out because they know it is easy for them to look for other potential partners on dating sites. >> are the new ifshg phones really bending? is some web sites have you thinking yes but consumer reporters putting bend gate to
2:25 am
the test and they are getting some real results. using a compression machine they found it takes 70 pounds of pressure to get the iphone 6 to actually bend. in daily use the phone will be just fine. htc 1 also buckled at 70 pounds the galaxy note 3 lasted the longest bending at 150 pounds. >> it is time now to brew on this. image getting discounts for having good manners. restaurants across the country shelling out rewards for people who put their phones away during dinner. one new jersey spot offering 5 percent off if you can make it through your meal without texting or tweeting. we want to know could you or would you ditch your device for an entire meal? >> absolutely. send us your comments at facebook or twitter or f and we will share them later in the show. coming up, president obama
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>> the man accused of beheading a former co-worker and stabbing another about to be charged. what we just learned about the ties to terror. >> a massive manhunt after a realtor vanishes without a trace while showing a home. authorities are now zeroing in on a person of interest. >> the football strtradition to touch the statue as they go on
2:30 am
the field. now they are fighting to have it removed. fair or foul? ♪ >> jumping around to the music this morning. >> welcome to "fox and friends first. i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. it is 30 minutes after the top of the hour. fox news alert. he's accused of beheading a former co-worker and seriously injuring another. today alton nolen will be charged. why isn't this being called a terrorist act? >> kelly wright is here with nolen's suspected ties to islam. >> the charges of first degree murder and assault with a deadly
2:31 am
weapon will be filed against alton nolen today. he was shot after he allegedly severed the head of a co-worker and stabbed another at a boot plant. it happened after nolan waudz fired. police are treating this crime as an act of workplace violence now. they are also examining nolen's ties with islam. this facebook page shows images of osama bin laden and pictures of nolen showing him standing in front of the islamic society of oklahoma city. critics like lundsford who was shot seven times by nidal hasan in the attack believes this is a case of terrorism. >> more than we say it's workplace violence incident they are going to continue to act in this cowardice way until we treat it for what it really is. it is basically worse, it's
2:32 am
almost as if the victims of this horrific thing happen like they don't even matter. they want to hang a tag of workplace violence on it. >> while this motive is still in question authorities say nolen should have been in prison all along. he was serving possession of marijuana cocaine and assaulting a police officer. after twoer yaos he was let go on good cod duct. check this out. this is another similar case in this same area oklahoma city. jacob moreti a native of kenya and muslim recently fired from his job is being held in jail after threatening to cut off the head of his female co-worker. he reportedly aid meeding christians is just what we do. ainsley? >> wow. thank you, kelly. let's keep talking about this. should companies be responsible for monitoring employee's social media sites for potential threats? head to our facebook page after the show for a live debate on this issue at #keep talking.
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>> a start eling admission. the air strikes in syria could be helping syrian leader bish charral ass charral -- bashar al-assad. >> so far air strikes against isis have been completed with relatively few hiccups from american and coalition forces carrying them out. they are promising to fight back and defend military territory with everything they have got. the defense promise comes amid confusion from amid whom air strikes in syria are helping. >> you said we need to get rid of assad. while we are saying we have to get rid of assad we are also bombing him trying to take out
2:34 am
some his most threatening opponents. >> i recognize -- >> the ben nish ry of this is assad. >> i recognize the contradiction in a contradictory land and contradictory circumstance. >> we are not going to stabilize syria under the rule of assad. >> there is new pressure for president obama to ask permission of other lawmakers on pens opinions avenue if he wants to keep striking syria. it is coming from members of his own party. >> it really concerns me that the president would assert he has the ability to do this unilaterally. he made very plane that the president could not unilaterally start a war without congress. >> the reason isis got to be so strong so quickly is because the united states intelligence community underestimated what
2:35 am
was happening in syria. >> the real estate agent vanished in arkansas. police just issued an arrest warrant for this man aaron lewis. a 33-year-old suspected of kidnapping beverly carter. lewis has an extensive criminal record in arkansas, missouri and utah and is on supervised parole until 2017.of carter disappeared on thursday after showing a house to a potential buyer. when her husband didn't hear from her he went to the house found her purse inside and the door wide open. he received three text messages from his wife's cell phone one saying she was out drinking with friends. but he says she is not a drinker. beverly carter's son will join us live on "fox & friends" to update the search for his mother. will jody arias get the death penalty?
2:36 am
it is the only question that remains after a jury found her guilty in the murder of travis alexander. arias stabbing him 29 times. today attorneys from both sides will begin to search for a new jury. the previous one unable to agree on a sentence. arias' lawyers have the unenviable task of trying to find jurors who have not yet made up their mind in the high profile murder case. >> a marine jailed in mexico will undergo a psychiatric evaluation in a trial hours from now. the doctor will term if sergeant andrew tahmooressi suffered from ptsd. he is arguing mexico is violating his human rights by not providing him treatment and rehabilitation. his mother jill calling for her son to be released. he is in solitary confinement. his only access is his mind and he does have post traumatic
2:37 am
stress disorder, so he is definitely losing hope and confidence that he is going to be able to get out of jail. >> tam reet s reese sehaen -- t ree tahmooressi has been jailed for months. pope frances hailing the value of the elderly honoring the contributions of grandparents to our society. pope francis saying says it is like having a wise grandparent at home. he is the first pope after 600 years to step down. kate middleton set to return to her royal duties next month. the dutches had to take a little bit of time off after a three-week bout with severe morning sickness. kate suffered from the same condition you may recall during her pregnancy with prince george and even had to be hospitalized. >> in case you missed it, sorry
2:38 am
ladies, george clooney is now a married man. he tied the knot with the human rights lawyer during a star studded ceremony. matt damon, cindy crawford and bill murray p on the guest list. it lasted all weekend. today the couple will wrap things up with a civil ceremony where they will legally become man and wife. >> back here in the states, some cooler weather. >> back to reality. >> cooler weather to follow some summer like temperatures. >> maria molina is live in the weather center with that plus your travel forecast. >> good morning. we had a beautiful weekend across portions of the north east. we had sunshine, very warm p it is well above average and today is going to be relatively warm for some areas including new york city where you will see the highs that make it into the low 80's. tuesday we drop into the 70's across parts of the northeast. it will be cooler wednesday
2:39 am
across portions of the i 95 corridor for boston and new york city you will only make it into the 60's. further west we see the cooler air like wednesday. we will be only into the 60's we are going to be on the plains. otherwise a quiet day across the great lakes and the northeast. across parts of colorado and new mexico and portions of the plains. we have a risk of severe weather isolated tornadoes strong winds and large hail possible. >> it is 39 minutes after the top of the hour. first breathing problems and now paralysis. >> brand new fears about the fast spreading virus targeting children across the country. >> a fake suspect, an elaborate courtroom drama.
2:40 am
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>> welcome back. to catch a corrupt judge the fbi makes a fake defendant for the municipal judge. he plead guilty to mail fraud and wire fraud charges. fbi officials say he helped their fake defendant who claimed to be a cousin of an unnamed campaign donor skirt the law after being charged with a gun without a license. the defendant was a friend and he asked the judge who was hearing the case to help him out. >> republican senator came out
2:44 am
swinging in the first iowa senate debate. bruce braily had to defend his record. >> i think the affordable care act needs to be fixed and improved. i have made it very clear that there were problems with the rollout that needed to be fixed. >> congressman stated he read every page of that bill and that he wouldn't change a thing with that bill. however we do see there are a number of changes that havemade supported, the president has supported. >> the latest poll shows ernst is ahead with a 44 to 38 percent over braley. >> this next story i think is pretty creepy. tracking your every move while you shop just to tempt you to spend more money. lori rothman is here now with the growing trend that every shopper needs to know about. hey, lori.
2:45 am
>> good morning heather and ainsley. the department story tailor macy's may be stalking you this holiday season. the "washington post" is reporting the next few weeks macy's is installing the devices in 800 stores. these devices developed by apple sink up with a smart phone app that allows them to track them in stores so offers promotions and discounts they happen to be browsing for pop up seemingly magically on the smart phone. critics are calling it creepy. but avoiding it is not running the shop app. macy's started experimenting with the technology the next holiday season and will seek to find a balance so they don't over load and driver away a shopper. >> if you are shopping in the dress department you might get a coupon for dresses. >> all of a sudden. >> could be good or bad. >> i like what she said like
2:46 am
stalking while you are shopping. >> coming up law enforcement zeroing in on the cop killer believed to be hiding out in the pennsylvania wilderness. new fears he my have set up booby traps. >> the football tradition to touch that statue. why there's a fight to have it removed. fist let's check in with brian kilmeade to see what's happening on this monday edition of "fox and friend. >> you could have read my interoffice memo or you could act surprised about what's coming up. charges will be filed against a recent muslim convert who beheaded his former co-worker. will the feds finally call it an act of terror or is it workplace violence? we have the fallout today? exclusive sit down i had with jim kel leap and his wife. he opens up about his second battle of cancer, the death of his son and how his family and god helped him pull through it. on a lighter note governor rick
2:47 am
perry to talk about the country and texas. don't miss a minute of "fox & friends". the conference call.
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now to a fox news alert. an outbreak of a respiratory virus that has hospitalized hundreds of children across the country takes a frightening turn. theeft nine young -- at least nine young victims in colorado are now experiencing paralysis. >> can't move or have even potentially paralysis of some of their limbs. it's too soon to tell how these are going to evolve or if they're going to get better or if this is something potentially more permanent. >> the nine children had a fever for about two weeks before developing varying degrees of limb weakness. right now doctors do not think it's polio. the c.d.c. is
2:51 am
investigating. the search for the man accused of killing a pennsylvania state trooper and seriously injuring another moving to a new area southeast in the poconos mountains. police believe they have eric frein contained within a five square mile area near his parents' home. however, police remain cautious saying they believe the 31-year-old survivalist placed booby traps throughout the dense woods. the search entering a 17th day. search crews scouring the virginia countryside for any sign of missing college student hannah graham. police on a.t.v. swept the mountain roads to follow up on more than 1,600 tips they received. the 18-year-old has been missing for more than two weeks. jesse matthew, a prime suspect in graham's disappearance has been taken into custody. atheists want a georgia
2:52 am
high school to get rid of a statue engraved with bible verses. some say it brings them good luck. they touch it as they go to the football field. but as reported, it could lead to a lawsuit. >> it has the premise of becoming a football tradition at madison county high, but the king arthur look sword in the centerpiece is getting push back from atheists because biblical scripture is inscribed into the granite. >> if someone doesn't believe in god, why should it matter? >> what if they believe in a different god than you do? >> that's their belief. >> a private patron donated the monument as part of improvements to the football thee temperature for many in the community bringing jesus into the
2:53 am
huddle is part of football, god and country. >> everybody ought to leave it alone and let god run this earth. >> but whose god? a madison county resident complained to the freedom of religion foundation about the monument. they sent a learn from the american humanist association, the legal director telling me it was a colossal lapse in judgment to allow the monument as part of the school environment. it sends a clear message that the school favors christianity despite the fact that it is a public school that must welcome all students. >> to another person, you might find it where it might be stricken against his religion. but i am not against it. >> the school district is now investigating options for that monument which could include removing it or modifying it. the debate heads to the school board meeting next month. >> it is seven minutes till the top of the hour. one of the most precious diamonds in the world stolen in broad daylight. how that rare ring was
2:54 am
swiped in the middle of an auction that was packed with people. >> restaurants offering discounts for diners who ditch their devices. can you make it through a whole meal without yours? whole meal without yours? your e-mails next. your customers, our financing. your aspirations, our analytics. your goals, our technology. introducing synchrony financial, bringing new meaning to the word partnership. banking. loyalty. analytics. synchrony financial. enagage with us.
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mcdonald's. dunkin' donuts giving out a free medium cup of dark roast coffee. krispy kreme giving out regular coffee. celebrating today with a bogo deal, peetes. if you're near lamar doughnuts, get a free 12 ounce coffee and get a free doughnut too. >> time to take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first the good. susie the pit bull mix has been named the american humane association's 2014 american hero dog. susie, abused by a previous owner, now is with a loving family and has the american hero dog distinction. next the bad. one of the world's rarest diamond stolen from auction. the gem worth more than $550,000 snatched from a display counter in sydney. police asking the people for help as they look for
2:59 am
the pink argyle and white diamond band. a man delivering a body band to a fan. he played two seasons in the nfl. ouch. restaurants across the country shelling out rewards for people who put their phones away during dinner and one new jersey hot spot is offering 5% off if you can make it through your meal without texting or tweeting. so we asked could you ditch your device for an entire meal. jason wrote on facebook. every day. no electronic devices during dinner in our house unless it is an emergency phone call. it is rude. steve wrote on facebook when i am sitting at the table at a restaurant my stomach comes first. april says this is a fantastic idea. i'm on board. thanks to everyone who responded. i think it's a great idea too. let's keeping talking in the wake of the oklahoma beheading, should companies be responsible for monitoring employees social
3:00 am
media for threats? log on to our facebook page #keeptalking. we hope you have a great week. thanks for starting it off with us. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. good morning. it is monday, september 29. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a monster truck show takes a deadly turn. >> oh no! >> what caused the driver to plow into a crowd of people right this? >> he beheaded a woman in oklahoma and tried to convert his co-workers to islam. and this morning he will be charged with first-degree murder. but what about terrorism? we have a live report. >> the administration underestimated isis but it wasn't the president's fault the >> our head of the intelligence community, jim clapper,as


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